Clear offers support of PG enum.

To define an enum, use the Clear.enum method:

# Define the enum
Clear.enum Gender, "male", "female"

This will create a new record called MyApp::Gender, which contains the constants Male and Female.

Validation, assignation

You can use the new type directly in your model:

class User
  include Clear::Model

  column gender : Gender

Assignation cannot be made from string, but instead from constants:

u = User.new
u.gender = MyApp::Gender::Male

List of helpers are present for validation and conversion from/to string:

MyApp::Gender.authorized_values # < return ["male", "female"]
MyApp::Gender.all # < return [MyApp::Gender::Male, MyApp::Gender::Female]

MyApp::Gender::Female.to_s # Return "female"

MyApp::Gender.from_string("male") # < return MyApp::Gender::Male
MyApp::Gender.from_string("unknown") # < throw Clear::IllegalEnumValueError

MyApp::Gender.valid?("female") #< Return true
MyApp::Gender.valid?("unknown") #< Return false


class MyMigration1
    include Clear::Migration

    def change(dir)
        create_enum("gender", %w(male female))

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