Primary Keys

Clear needs your model to define a primary key column. By default, Clear can handle properly int, bigint, string and uuid primary keys.

As time of writing this manual, compound primary keys are not handled properly.

primary_key helper

Clear offers a built-in primary_key helper which will define your primary key without hassle:

class Product
  include Clear::Model

  self.table = "products"

  primary_key name: "product_id", type: :uuid
  • name is the name of your column in your table. (Default: id)

  • type is the type of the column in your table. Set to (Default: bigserial).

  • By default, types can be of type bigserial, serial, int, bigint, text and uuid.

Note than primary_key directive in the model class is just a fast way of writing:

column id : Int64, primary: true, presence: false

The primary key name is ID, of type bigint and it won't check the presence on save because it has default value

In case of uuid, Clear will generate a new uuid at every new object creation before inserting it into the database.

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